On Photography

It’s complicated

My relationship to photography is long and complicated. The disciplines I strived for took me on unforeseen journeys. Refusing to commit, in combination with my passion and a changing industry allowed me to explore different parts of photography, of the world and eventually myself.

My passion was always photojournalism. I wanted to travel the world and tell stories of the beautiful, the unfortunate, of things that lurk in the shadows. This passion and drive allowed for adventures in Afghanistan, in Pakistan, a lot of India and Nepal. Photographing beautiful people, worn cities and stunning landscapes, this passion still kindles inside of me. Every chance I get I continue to pursue this type of work – to explore the world and tell stories. This work can be seen on my instagram account:

Fashion Photography
The times changed. By 2010 the digitalisation of photography had taken full swing. And after the challenging experiences in Afghanistan I realised I’m simply not cut out to live in these conditions. I could not commit to the life on the road. To continue exploring the world, I needed stable ground. So I dove into the world of fashion photography to finance my little adventures. I enjoyed it for a long time. The beauty, the creativity, the wonderful teams I worked with. This work can be seen on my instagram account: #ckmbcn

Art Photography
After my HIV diagnosis, my passion for photography vanished. I needed my time and energy to focus on my own healing. To recover from the blow that HIV had given me. As soon as I tried to return to photography, the industry I knew had changed too much. Without the passion, nor the desire to spend my days on instagram, I turned the camera on myself; I started exploring my life with HIV. The work I do mostly these days, in forms of exhibitions and artwork can be found on this instagram account: #ongoingviral