Sexual Coaching & Counselling – A new step in my career.

One of the reasons I dislike social media is the constant pressure to post, publish and present at all times. The algorithmic manifestation of “quantity before quality”. So despite my accounts lying rather dormant in the past few months, I have been busy. A bit of writing, a bit of photography – and a lot of something new.

Over the past few years I have been getting regular enquiries from people all over the world. Some seeking to talk, some being grateful, and some seeking help and advice. And every time I received these messages, I felt empowered; I felt I want and I need to do more. To help. To share my experiences.

And so I have been studying. Learning. Attending courses in Austria and Germany, racking up diplomas. Leaving little or no time to socialise on medias. And now I am online. I am officially starting my work as a coach. An advisor with the main focus being HIV, sexuality and sexual health. A sex-coach if you will.

I have seen too many people struggling with sexual oppressions and confusions. Especially following an HIV diagnosis or something traumatic of the sorts. I want to tackle these issues. I want to share what I have learnt and experienced. And I want to offer tools that can lead to a new, happier, liberated and fulfilled approach to ones own sexuality.

Because sexual health is mental health.

Time to have a look here! (there are still a few glitches to be worked out…and the german version will still need some time)