Photography I – Storytelling

My approach to fashion photography is of a storytelling nature. The fashion itself take a backseat – the clothes, the handbags, the earrings – they serve as accessories to the images. As in photojournalism, a single frame is supposed to tell a story – to transport a mood and convey a feeling.

Inspired by the analog photography of the late 80ies, I make an image seem like a film-still taken from a movie. Preferred in grainy, black and white, analog photography, I don’t direct – I merely watch, giving my images a voyeuristic aspect. Using natural light, I try not to stage the pictures – to keep a natural flow to them.

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I want to remain the invisible observer, capturing a frame to share a glimpse of a story. The bigger scene can unfold in the mind of the viewer.

The gallery gives a little insight of my work.

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