Photography II – Storytelling

The first photography exhibition I went to as a teenager was Lewis Hine. His portrayal of workers in the USA in the 1920ies planted a seed, that would sprout at my first “World Press Photography” exhibition a few months later.

I admired photojournalists and war photographers – and I wanted to join their ranks.

I went out to explore the world – to capture the harsh reality and breathtaking beauty it has to offer. Ever since my first trips to Asia, I was hooked. To explore, to travel and to observe.

It started with stories about people; a leprosy clinic in Karachi and road workers in Ladakh – and it digressed into seeking the magnificent landscapes of the Himalayas and the Highlands.

My passion for exploration and venturing into the remote reaches of the world drove me to extremes. I want to experience, to soak up the world in all its flavours, and photograph it to share it with others. After my trip to Afghanistan, I reached my limit – and realised I was not cut out to be on the front lines. There is an amount of suffering that can be too much to handle, and that I would not be able to distance myself sufficiently from the things I witness. Everyone has their breaking point – and I had reached mine. Any step further would have spiralled me onto a destructive path.

Balancing on that emotional edge, I continue to explore the world – the bold, the beautiful, and the ugly injustices. Working on stories around the world. And for the peace, the quiet and the calm, I have discovered a passion for landscapes…

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