Sex and Politics

Early February 2020 I was allowed a glimpse of a political fundraiser in a sex club in Manhattan, NYC.
This was a month before the Covid-19 Pandemic shut down the United States. The world has changed since.

All throughout the United States the election year 2020 is becoming apparent. Debates, conflicts and politics are seeping into every crack of society – even the NSFW – the “New Society for Wellness” (using the not-so-subtle abbreviation for “Not Safe For Work”) – a private community aiming to cultivate sex-positive messages, consent culture and encouraging sexuality in all shapes, forms and sizes.

With its liberal mindset, the NSFW decided to host a little fundraiser in their clubhouse under the title “Bitches against Mitches” – veering against the republican senate majority leader Mitch McConnell. The controversial republican is often seen as a key enabler to President Trumps policies and the dislocation of democratic values – such as refusing to acknowledge former president Obamas supreme court justice nominee Merritt Garland or refusing to allow witnesses at Trumps impeachment trial.

“Moscow Mitch”, as he is often referred to in liberal circles, is also standing up for re-election in his home state of Kentucky in November, against the democratic hopeful Amy McGrath. Causes such as abortion rights and LGBTQ rights are values the NSFW wants to support by raising money in support of McGrath.

In lighthearted fashion, Daniel Saynt and Melissa Vitale organized a little show and party – playing games like “pin the tail on the donkey” – only in this case pinning dildos on republicans. Working in public relations with numerous sex-toy companies, a well organized raffle with appropriate prizes raised over a thousand dollars, culminating in the grand finale; in which a dominatrix would punish a man dressed like Mitch McConnell for betraying the country.

“Mitch’s” pleas for “witnesses” and “aborting the act” were left unanswered.

The night ended in the NSFWs usual fashion, in which the crowds and couples disperse into the far corners of the clubhouse  – where privacy is ensured, and cameras aren’t allowed.