The shape of things to come

With a heavy heart I decided to leave.

In April 2019 I moved into this little apartment.

On a quiet street in Poble Nou, just a few blocks from the beach.

The first mornings were spent listening to the young swallows on their first flight from my balcony. Screeching loud and welcoming the spring.

I lived here for a year. For the most beautiful year – in which I always had the feeling of “having arrived”.

Having made it. Living the life I want to leave.

Now, amid the rekindling love of my roommate I would leave. Make way for her boyfriend.

And now, amid the viral emergency that is spreading relentlessly over the world, I have to close this chapter. Leaving the apartment, but also leaving the country. For now. The confluence of circumstances have made decisions easier.

The Spanish healthcare system is strained. More so than the Austrian.

Of course I feel safer in Austria – and yet my leaving will also take me out of the overburdened Spanish system. Spreading the heavy load over the continent – for all of us to carry our little bit.

I’m sad to close this chapter and leave this country I call home. Sad to leave the two I love the most, J. & A. But excited about the next one opening up. The one in which I return to this city. The one that will start with the next 14 days of isolation.

Extreme situations do make me realise what I want in life. What is important. Where my family lies. What I desire. Where I want to be.

This flood will pass.

And I will return.

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