Visual Diaries II

Photographic Meditations 2014 – 2016

My mind was plunged into chaos – questioning everything. Every decision, every choice I had to make overwhelmed me. When working on portraits or on fashion shoots, I failed to direct. I couldn’t helm the situation. I couldn’t instruct people. My mind was a frenzied mess – which was reflected in my lack of confidence. I doubted everything – especially my ability to make decisions.

In this chaos I needed to find order. I needed to find shapes and straight lines and a sense of logic. Next to the long times spent wandering in nature, in the alps and the viennese forests, I found it in architecture photography – especially in facades. How many souls are hidden behind the facades I see? I started reflecting on what the cover of a building reveals of its interiors. About my own solitude within the masses. My loneliness. Surrounded by people and yet confined in my own cramped environment. Ennui.

In seeking refuge in concrete shapes and lines and patterns I managed to put a tranquility into my own chaos. An order to ease my mind. To meditate.

During these years I found a new fascination in architectural facades – aiding me with the process of healing.