The Everyday

As part of my work I intend to document this life with HIV – and how it infiltrates the everyday. Despite having treatment, new routines and dependencies have established themselves in my life. A pill a day keeping me healthy, tri-monthly blood examinations and an alarm that rings once a day. To remind me of my medication. To remind me that I’m HIV positive and dependent.

Had I not been diagnosed and medicated, the estimated time of AIDS, or death of an AIDS-related illness would have been 2019. This is a rather unsettling thought.

And yet science is my saviour. Parallels to religious myths and imagery, from my own death and creation, to my emotional resurrection or the daily altar bread in form of my medication come to mind.

I have sinned, and am paying my dues. My pillbox is that holy grail, granting me life.

All pictures are digital prints, framed.
Edition 3+1 AP